Romano Fracassini is the founder and director of Pro-Tramp Australia Pty Ltd.            His proved success in Australia is the result of passion, creativity and previous overseas experiences. Romano is also the co-founder of Pro-Tramp Srl in Italy, together with his brother Gustavo Fracassini; a great technician rich of unlimited talent to create “Special Events”. Together they have in excess of 25 years experience in sports shows and special events.

From the beginning Pro-Tramp Australia approached the Australian market with innovative and creative projects that were requiring skill and different equipments.

Immediately, important customers such as City of Perth, City of Joondalup, RedBull, etc. recognize Pro-Tramp Australia as a reliable partner for their events and just after a short time, a thirty meter snow slide was placed for fourteen days in Forrest Place. Fully organized by Pro-Tramp and contracted by the City Of Perth, the event “Snowfields in the city” has been accredited as “The best school holiday event ever in the City”. Thanks to the huge success, the same event toke place also in 2004, with the addition of a snowballing area and more than 30,000 children (plus parents) came into the City for the 2 weeks event.

In 2003, after producing similar event at The Perth Royal Show,  Pro-Tramp Australia produced its biggest event in Australia. Pro-Tramp was contracted by Garry VanEgmond enterprise for a major Snow Event in Sydney for an amount of $300.000. The event has seen Pro-Tramp technicians make snow every night for more than 30 days and Romano trained and supervised the 40 people staff during the day. The event, called Santa’s Kingdom, took place for a period of 30 days and attracted more than 160,000 people.

Some of the main events in which Pro-Tramp Italy has been involved are:

Roma Estate 1997/98/99: one of the major events runs in summer in Rome. More than 500,000 attendants within 2 months event every year. Pro-Tramp was in charge for the “Extreme sports area” which was including a synthetic surface ski slope with related ski and snowboarding instructors.

2002/03/04/05/06, London. Acrobatic ski and snowboarding shows into the world biggest exhibition for winter sports and travel.

 1999 Nokia Big Air in Frankfurt. Pro-Tramp Srl build the biggest ramp ever made in Europe. Pro-Tramp coordinate all the technical aspects involved in this world cup snowboard competition.

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