human soccer table

Human soccer table, also called giant foosball, itís an inflatable ride very popular at any age.

Up to 16 people can play at the same time making it a perfect choice also for very large events.

One of the winning aspect of this ride is that anybody can play and win and there is no need to skill or strenght to have fun.

Girls can easily challenge boys, kids can challenge teenagers and one of the most popular game is always parents Vs children.

Human soccer table has already been proved very succesful in schools, sport club events and council events.

The ride needs a blower machine therefore electrical power is required. However we can supply our own generator if standard power is not available.

The Human soccer requires 14 meters by 8 meters flat area in any surface like grass, concrete, asphalt, sand, etc

This giant foosball can be used also for indoor events, tournament and team building events.

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