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Designed for a smaller profile, this 16 inch fan based snow machine is the sister to the T-1500 full size which is a 20 INCH fan. Because it can move snow 3000 CFM with a variable speed control up to 2700 rpm, it's now the number one sold snow machine in the world. A radical new evaporative snow machine that can be used at ground level as well as hung from a truss. This product offers the driest snow on the market. The T-1500 mini can send snow in the air up to 50 feet. Known as the Snow Zone Mini, it integrates with a high output fan in a swivel case, supported by a strong, bracketed frame. The T-1500 mini with onboard DMX and built in repeat cycle timer requires a 10 amp. 110v or 220v circuit.

With SnowMasters snow making equipment you can have snow at anytime of the year - summer or winter, inside or outside. The falling snow does not just dissipate it totally evaporates leaving no slippery residue or stains - perfect for Christmas and winter themed events, parties, theatre productions, product launches and other major events. The snow is biodegradable, non-allergenic and non-toxic.